I can’t believe it – I’m still in shock. At the decisive point in the race in the crosswinds I was the last one to get in the first group. Then it was about doing the sprint – I felt it was a little bit of a headwind so I had to come from the back. I was also lucky that Nizzolo didn’t close me, if he closed me for sure we crashed as I wasn’t going to brake. It’s unbelievable. I had the biggest fan group here from Slovakia and I felt it – thank you everybody for that, it gave me a lot of energy today. Thanks to my family who also travelled here, my father and my wife, and to my brother who was also in the front group but he wasn’t able to get back on after going back for bottles in the crosswinds. And thanks to Michael Kolar who did unbelievable work for me, he was always with me and supported me. I’m so happy.
/Photo by Roberto Bettini – Bettini pho